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Junya Kuroda



Junya Kuroda

Junya Kuroda

サウンドデザイナー / MAエンジニア

代表作:『サガ・フロンティア』、『チョコボの不思議なダンジョン』、『新・光神話 パルテナの鏡』、『アナザーエデン』、『ゼノブレイド2』

Sound Designer / Post-Production Audio Engineer

Major Works: SaGa Frontier, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Another Eden, Xenoblade Chronicles 2


1990年代終盤、SONY PlayStation立ち上げ期に『サガ・フロンティア』、『チョコボの不思議なダンジョン』等でゲームサウンド制作の基礎を習得し、以後フリーランスとして『シャドウハーツ』シリーズ、『ゼノサーガ エピソードI』等の音響制作に参加。2001年プロキオン・スタジオの法人化に伴い、同社に合流。

効果音制作、MA、音声編集、実機への組み込み等、音楽制作以外の音響制作全般をこなすが、特にサンプラーやシンセサイザーを用いたSound FX(非現実音や特殊な演出効果)を得意とする。

主な代表作に、『サガ・フロンティア』『チョコボの不思議なダンジョン』『シャドウハーツ』『ゼノサーガ エピソードI』『イナズマイレブン』『新・光神話 パルテナの鏡』『アナザーエデン』『鬼ノ哭ク邦』『ゼノブレイド2』他多数。

対応ミドルウェア:Unity、Unreal Engine、CRIWARE、Wwise、プラットフォーム純正ツール他。


A few years after the release of the Sony Playstation—toward the end of the 1990s—Junya Kuroda gained a foundational knowledge of video game sound production while working on titles such as SaGa Frontier and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon. As a freelancer, he went on to work in sound production on various projects including the Shadow Hearts series and Xenosaga Episode I. He joined Procyon Studio when it was incorporated in 2001.

Ranging from sound effects creation, to audio post-production, voice editing, and audio integration, Kuroda works with the entirety of sound production (with the exception of music production). He specializes in using samplers and synthesizers to produce unique sound effects.

Kuroda's major works include: SaGa Frontier, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga Episode I, Inazuma Eleven, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Another Eden, Oninaki, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and many others.

Kuroda works with various middleware, including Unity, Unreal Engine, CRIWARE, Wwise, platform specific tools, and so on.

Junya’s Comment


Junya’s Comment

It is said that people get 80% of information from their sense of sight. As a result, due to being incredibly refined and sophisticated, our sense of sight is difficult to deceive. Even when beautiful scenery is shown inside a display screen, we see it somewhat objectively. In comparison, our sense of hearing is easy to deceive. Even if it's coming from the TV, we feel fear when hearing a scream, or tranquility when hearing the gentle murmur of a river. Regardless of whether it is music or sound, without logic it directly penetrates and paints over our hearts. Is there a job more interesting than this?